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Crypto mining has never been easier. BEE Coin is a new cryptocurrency on the market that allows you to mine through your phone. Invite your friends and market your network for greater rewards.

Bee referral code: gobeenow


Let's begin the mining.

Download the Bee Network app and start the mining journey. Use Bee referral code gobeenow for 1 free BEE coin

Blockchain theory is well proven. Real-life applications are seen on assets like Bitcoin, Etherum, Tether which people today are trading for goods, services, and fiat money like US dollars. The backbone of the gaming community of Bee Network rides on blockchain technology. You may refer to the white paper. To ensure Bee Network is not a scam and will not be exploited by frauds, Bee Network does not accept payment of any kind directly from players. Exchange of Bee for fiat money is also prohibited until Bee Network’s development has entered phase III.

For more information check out the FAQ at or here


How to begin mining?

Sign up at Bee

Register a new account, choose to use your phone number or your social media account. Upon registration, you will have to enter a referral code to get access.

Bee referral code: gobeenow

Start the mining process

Now your account is ready to start mining. You have received 1 free BEE coin. To start the mining process you have to press the green circle with the white bee in it.

Share your network

Spread the word to friends and family. You will earn an extra 25%/active miner in your team. You will get an extra 0.20 BEE/hr for every person you have added to the team.


Updates and News

2M Users Now! Another Double!

8 dec. 2020

Bee´s community reached 1 million users worldwide in 37 days (dec03, 2020 - Jan09, 2021)

500k+ Users in 1st month! Get ready for 2nd halving

29 dec. 2020

Be network registered 500,000+ users worldwide. The half-million mark is crossed.

Update on game rules, user growth & future rate cut

8 dec. 2020

The bee network app was launced for testing Aug 2020 and officially launched on 3 Dec 2020.

1M Users reached, 2nd rate halving completed!

9 jan. 2021

Bee Network registered 1 million+ total users worldwide and officially completed our 2nd rate halving.

Users reached, 3 Days after we crossed 100k mark!

15 dec. 2020

Bet network´s total user registration has exceeded 200,00 It only takes 3 days to double up

800k+ Users reached

5 jan. 2021

We had a good start in 2021 and it is exciting to imagine how be network will evolve.

1st rate halving done as we have reached 100k users

11 dec. 2020

We are excited to announce that Bee network has officially crossed the 100,000-user-mark.


Different roles

The Miner

Every player will earn the base rate at 1.6 bee / hour by logging in the app every 24 hours and clicking the mining button.
You do not need to keep the app open after clicking the mining button and you will automatically earn hourly mining rate You will stop mining after 24 hours until you have clicked the mining button to start a new 24-hour mining session.


Please note that the base rate as Miner will be reduced by 50% for 4 times depending on the growth of total user base until Bee Network ceases supply of Bee when there is 1 billion user worldwide. The base rate as Miner will be reduced from 1.6-> 0.8 (when grown to 100,000 users), 0.8 > 0.4 (when grown to 1 million users), 0.4 -> 0.2 (when grown to 10 million users), 0.2-> 0.1 (when grown to 100 million users) until supply becomes 0 when grown to 1 billion users.

Total Mining Hourly Rate: Base Rate + Base Rate x 25% x active miners in your earning team (Referral bonus)

The Referrer

A Referrer is someone who helps build a bustling gaming community with trusted members. The value of Bees increase as the community grows larger and more members conduct transactions of goods and services with their Bees. A Referrer can refer new miners to join your earning team. For each active member in your team, you will earn an extra 25% base rate as your referral bonus. If you have 10 members in your earning team and all of them are actively mining, you will earn an extra 10 x 25% = 250% Bees of your base rate. Therefore, the key to earn more Bees is to refer more new miners to join your mining division and remind them to login daily for mining.

For example, given your base rate is 1.6 Bee per hour, you have referred 10 new miners to join your mining team, yourself and 7 of them are actively mining today, you will earn at 1.6 (base rate) + 1.6 x 7 x 25% (referral bonus) = 4.4 Bees per hour today.

Please note that there is no cap in number of new users that you can refer to your earning team and therefore no ceiling in referral bonus. You can imagine the difference in earning when you have built up an earning team of 200 users versus mining alone.

Total Mining Hourly Rate: Base Rate + Base Rate x 25% x active miners in your earning team (Referral bonus)

Begin your journey

The app is available on app store and google play


Bee Referral code: gobeenow

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